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Learn what your competitors are up to.

Find profitable related sites networks by:

  • Adsense
  • Analytics
  • IP
  • Clickbank
  • Hosting
  • Kontera
  • Nameserver
  • Amazon
  • Chitika
  • Affinity
  • Shopzilla

From one domain find thousands related

Find top adsense and affiliate websites and networks

Search Query Position Tracker

Link Tracker

Backlink analysis

  • Anchor text extraction
  • Anchor text aggregation
  • Links to domain
  • Follow/Nofollow analysis
  • Affiliate links extraction

Examples of our scrapes:

  • Scrape top 40 Google results for 10,000 queries
  • Get list of all Adsense Ids
  • Get list of all Analytics Ids
  • Extract all pages containing trademarked script
  • Find all websites which participate in X Affiliate program

Complex scrapes of information not available through search engines

Monthly updated snapshot of the internet with several billion pages in it

Reverse Database Statistics as of June 26, 2017
Unique Domains:240,812,434
Unique IP Adresses:7,460,866
Unique Analytics IDs:6,018,258
Unique Adsense IDs:1,093,973
Unique Nameservers:3,130,905
Domain with Analytics:41,631,831
Domain with Adsense:9,780,409
Clickbank Products:40,134
Clickbank Affiliates:177,395
Clickbank Affiliate Domains:537,201

Extracting information from the Internet

We specialize in finding and extracting information from the Internet. Our servers are capable of downloading and analyzing millions of pages per day and our comprehensive link index allows to find relevant pages accurately. Here are some examples of information that we can provide:

  • List of all websites with Google Adsense Ads
  • List of all websites with with affiliate links (Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc)
  • List of all websites powered by any identifiable CMS, blog engine, etc
  • List of all websites matching any reasonably verifiable criteria that you provide
  • Each list we can filter and categorize by topic (Finance, Sports, Gadgets, etc)

If you are a marketing agency, SEO/SEM specialist, webmaster, researcher or need this or similar information — contact us and we'll provide you with the data you need.

Backlink checker

Backlinks are essential for ranking on any search engine. This is why backlink checker tool is very important to any SEO professional or webmaster. Search engines provide limited or no information about backlinks. backlink search engine was designed with needs of webmasters in mind. For any page or website you can immediately view backlinks and anchor texts to understand why certain website ranks one way or the other.

Search Query Position Tracker

Good position in search results means more traffic and more traffic means more revenue. Keep track of how your websites ranks in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search Query Position Tracker will scrape search engines every day to check for the most up to date positions of your websites in search results.

Link Tracker

Monitor your link building campaigns. Check if web pages with your links are in Google or Bing indexes. Check if your links are active, do-follow and many more. Links are monitored on a daily basis.

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Internet Competitive Intelligence

There are more ways websites are related than just links. Successful webmasters and internet marketers operate networks that can sometimes span thousands of websites. allows you to find websites that use the same Adsense ID, Google Analytics ID, nameservers, IP address, affiliate IDs etc. If you want to repeat successful strategy that someone else implemented or just want to keep tabs on your competition — is the right tool for you.

Not sure where to start?

For detailed explanation on how get the most out of ReverseInternet read this Internet competitive intelligence guide.