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kseniya simonova, ukraine�sand animation: omg!!! check out this ukrainian woman who was the 2009 winner of ukraine�s version of �america�s got talent�. she makes animated sand art with her hands to tell the story of germany�s invasion and occupation of ukraine during world war ii. her art is so amazing and captivating, it even makes people in the audience cry. if you haven�t already, you�ve got to see this one! (8 min) ','edfcfc')"; onmouseout="kill()">
naked science: five years on mars: explore the red planet alongside nasa�s mars exploration rovers, spirit and opportunity. deployed on june 10, 2003, these interplanetary robotic voyagers travelled over 100 million miles in 6 months to reach martian soil. the objective�to search for signs of water and clues that mars once harbored alien life. see the martian landscape up close based on video footage taken by spirit and opportunity, learn what scientists discovered from this expedition, and then take a moment to ponder the age-old question, �is there such thing as aliens?� chances are, you will find it harder to say, �no!� (45 min) ','edfcfc')"; onmouseout="kill()">
prescription fukitol (1000 mg): feeling down lately? got too many problems? well if comedian robin williams had his way, there would be one pill to treat all types of depression, and he would call it fukitol ! now, operating off the slogan, "when life just blows...fukitol!", the creators of the web site have brought robin william’s original concept of the aptly-named prescription pill even closer to reality by proposing a dosage, capsule design and marketing strategy. kudos to their efforts but with no real drug formulation in the pipeline, don’t hold your breath for this one. instead, just watch this video for a major spirits lifting! (2 min)','edfcfc')"; onmouseout="kill()">
x factor, uk�stacey solomon: stacey solomon, a 19-yr old student from the uk, stuns simon cowell and fellow judges on britain�s talent show, x factor, when she sings what a wonderful world by new orleans jazz musician, louis armstrong. flawless enough to make simon cheese, her singing even gets him to mutter, what appears to be, �my god�, under his breath. nice to see simon so pleased for a change:) (3 min) ','edfcfc')"; onmouseout="kill()"> ranks in top 10 for the following keywords:

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